The Four Essentials

Rise Up Academy is based on Four Essentials:

1. A Performance-Based Approach:

Teachers provide rigorous direct instruction and projects that develop critical real-world skills in a supportive academic setting.

Example: Quarterly-themed projects

2. A Supportive School Culture:

Provides structure and opportiunities within the school where staff and students are partners in building positive relationships, leadership and student voice.

Examples: Student Leadership, Basketball Intramurals, Recycling Program, Service Learning Projects 

3. Effective Supports

Nurturing the whole student academically, socially, emotionally, and physically through effective support structures both within the school and in the community.

Examples: YSB-Street Outreach, WorkOne (JAG), Oaklawn

4. Future Focus

Prepares students for post-secondary opportunities through systemic career planning and experiences, along with encouraging community involvement.

Examples: Field Trips, College and Career Fairs, College Visits and Post-Secondary Opportunities