Web-Based Learning

Web-Based Learning

Rise Up Academy offers an online program for students called PLATO. Students log in through their clever accounts. 

PLATO Courseware:

PLATO is an acronym for "Programmed Logic for Automatic Teaching Operations." PLATO was the first general-use computer-assisted instruction program designed to deliver: 

  • high-level K-12 classroom content;
  • informative instruction modules;
  • tracking systems for managing curriculum as well as educational standards;
  • custom course creation;
  • real-time student data collection, analysis and reporting; and
  • fully functional curriculum using a single, easy-to-use online communication system. 

PLATO is an award-winning computer based online educational approach based on a single point "launch pad" concept. PLATO courseware is a standards-based online learning program based on state-of-the-art teaching approaches with an eye to helping learners be more innovative and productive in their learning and study habits. Over 1 million students and more than 65,000 teachers and administrators use PLATO Courseware every day.